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About the authors

The pl.ID programme is being created by the Center for Information Technology (COI – Centralny Ośrodek Informatyki) on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSW – Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych). This cooperation results from the strategy adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs aimed at building an effective unit which will be competent in the field of IT in public administration. This establishes a due consideration which will be carried out in all projects at every stage of their development.



What is the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MSW)?

This government office supervising the activities of the authorities is responsible for maintaining security and public order in the country. This institution also oversees data crucial for the functioning of the country. MSW is also the business owner of the pl.ID programme, which aims to reconstruct and integrate public registry systems in Poland, such as Personal Identification Number – PESEL. The main goal of those changes is to improve public service provided to businesses and citizens by reconstruction, standardization and integration of processes within the administration.

The person responsible for the pl.ID programme is the Deputy Minister at the Ministry of the Interior Affairs – Tomasz Szubiela.



What is the Center for Information Technology (COI)?

It is a specialized agenda for the implementation of IT projects in public administration, which was appointed by the Minister of Interior in 2010. Due to its nature COI is governed by the Minister of Internal Affairs, acting at the same time on a commercial basis. COI is a team of professionals – from programming, infrastructure maintenance, User Experience, marketing, up to government procurement – with many years of experience and success in both the private and public sectors. COI’s mission is to create a modern and citizens-friendly country on a basis of new and safe technologies.