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Benefits for citizens

Administrative issues are main problems of many Poles. The pl.ID programme simplifies the handling of issues related to Identity Cards, Civil Status Offices and many more.


Animation: Saving time - Online service - Friendly office - Increased safety


What are the main benefits for Poles?



Saving time

The new system will require from the citizens less documents in the office. Moreover, the pl.ID programme will limit the number of visits to the Public Office to a minimum. However, if the official matter requires your presence, the case will be settled much faster.


Online service

Are you thinking about civil marriage, but you want to avoid the crowds at the Civil Status Office? Do you want to apply for a new ID card without leaving your home? The pl.ID programme will allow citizens to settle many formalities online.


Friendly office

Do you think that – in most cases – the official matters are complicated or it is taking too long to settle them and forms are unclear? We think the same. That is why one of the main goals of the pl.ID programme is to accelerate citizen service at Public Offices with simplifying processes and forms used in the administration.


Increased safety

We know how the safety of your data is important. That is why we are changing the ageing equipment for a new one and we are applying the highest standards of data security.