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About the pl.ID programme


The pl.ID programme is currently one of the largest government projects in Poland. The main goal of the Ministry of Interior Affairs is to build a solution, that will improve the quality of life in Poland in the field of civil services. The pl.ID programme will provide fast and efficient services to citizens and businesses during their visit to the public office.

How will this be achieved?

In each public office in Poland there will be applicable the same processes, so that the citizen does not get lost in the jungle of procedures and documents. In addition, the Central Registry System will be created, which will keep the most important records such as: Personal Identification Numbers, ID cards registry, acts of civil status. The pl.ID programme will finally end problems with doubling the information or the obligation to provide many documents for small cases. The officials will be able to find all the necessary information in the new system.

History of the pl.ID programme

Current version of the pl.ID programme is a continuation of the pl.ID project – Polish ID card, which was being supervised by the IT Project Center for the Ministry of Internal Affairs until the February 2013. Contrary to the first impression the difference between those two projects is not limited only to the project name. The most important change concerns the exclusion from the scope of the project the electronic layer of a new ID card. In return, the Ministry of Interior Affairs has decided to focus on a major modernization of the whole infrastructure (which of some elements date back to ’80s of XX century), the Personal Register System database (based on the solutions from the last century), and adjusting other records, not only within the remit of the Ministry of Internal Affaris.

Tasks added:

ikona plus

comprehensive modernization of the Centre for Document Personalization of the Ministry of Interior

reconstruction of the Central Register of the Opposition and the National Distinctions System

equipping Public Key Infrastructure

Task deleted

ikona minus

electronic ID card


What are the goals and advantages of the pl.ID programme?

  • Improving citizens and businesses service through the reconstruction, standardization and integration of business processes in public administration. As a result, the programme will allow the introduction of large-scale online services and enable more effective use and re-use of information gathered by the public service.
  • The integration of the national registers (SRP) will reduce the number of unnecessary documents and forms that are being currently filled with the same data. Soon only Personal Identification Number will be enough for the official to found us in the appropriate register.
  • The interconnection will also allow for the place-related administrative services to be dealt with wherever you are, in every public office in Poland.
  • Creating the technical possibilities for the future development of an electronic ID card (e-ID).
  • Improving the quality of information gathered in the national databases.